Saturday, November 24, 2012

My 40th Birthday Surprise

My 40th Birthday.

My Husband had been planning for awhile and I had no clue. But I started guessing a couple of days before. I knew we were going away for a night.
On the day of my birthday we went to Inniskillin Winery in the morning as we went on a tour and we were the only ones on the tour which was nice and the lady that took us on the tour was nice and took her time with us and what a beautiful day it was to be out and about around the winery. Some wineries do not have tours in November but this one did. We got to try wine after the tour. Strange to have a drink in the morning.
We ended up buying wine also. My Husband and I had talked about doing wine tours in the past and had not done any so he thought it would be nice to do. It was very nice.

After the wine tour we left and we were talking about what to do next so we walked along Niagara On The Lake area
                           We thought we would get some lunch so we went to The Irish Harp Pub

I had Dublin Steak & Guinness Pie
it was good and the first time i have ever had it.

My Husband had the Chef's Signature
Burger which he also enjoyed.

                                                               and had a nice lunch there .

                                     We than still walked around and enjoyed a wonderful November day.

                                                      We drove over to Brocks Monument
                                                              Walked around there

I was not sure where we were staying. It had been along time since we had stayed at Bed & Breakfast.
As we were getting closer I knew we were going to be staying at one.

We stayed at Everheart Country Manor   
Bed & Breakfast what a wonderful stay and wonderful
For dinner we went to Joe Fetas restaurant
and we had a dinner for 2
Joe Feta's Village Feast which was alot of food and we could not eat all of it but what
a good way to try different foods.
It was delicious from appetizer to meal and to dessert. Good amount of food and great service.

In the morning we had a very nice breakfast at Everheart
fruit with yogurt and than an omelette and bacon and toast.

But our night away had come to an end and it was wonderful to get away

We had a great time
Thank you to my Husband for a wonderful 40th birthday  
He really did make it special. 


  1. Happy belated birthday!!!

    Niagara-on-the-lake is one of my favorites places in the whole world, especially this time of year in the old town.

    1. Thank you. It is a very nice area to walk around.