Friday, March 30, 2012

A penny for your luck i guess will be no longer


                              Eliminating the penny from Canada's coinage system.
While the coins will remain legal tender, the Royal Canadian Mint will no longer distribute pennies as of fall  

                            For a penny to be made costs more then the penny itself.

I have to say that i like pennies. I am one of those people who will pick one up if i see it on the ground.
They all add up. I know some people know that i like pennies. I have had people give me there extra pennies.
As a kid you could buy 1 cent candy. Today you can not find something at 1 cent.
But you can find somthing costing you 99 cents. Now everything will have to go either a full $1.00 or 5 cents to get closer without using that 1 cent.

For the people who toss there pennies i guess i still will be looking and collecting them for now. Probably spending them faster than before.

So i guess now for all of you who might have those penny jars you might want to roll them up and take them to the bank or charities or start spending them.
Or if you would like you can give them to me.  :)
It was worth a try. LOL

So what is your penny for a thought all about this, as will you miss the penny or are you glad to see it go?

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