Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What made me start blogging

Why i even started a blog was all to do with someone that entered giveaways. I used to belong to a forum that had freebies and giveaways. I have always enjoyed entering contests.
But this one person had put up blog giveaways.
I had no idea what they were but she won lots of times and i thought i would like to try.
So i started but it would ask on the blogs for extra entries and one was blog about it and put up there button.
It all started with that.
I will tell you that i am not much of a blogger as you can tell by my site. But i was trying to figure out what else to put up on here. So then i started to put up other contests on here. I wanted to share them as i enjoy contests myself so why not share them too.

I have also shared trips and things about my family.
I still have ways to go and lots of learning. Even though i have had this blog about 2009 i still don't feel that i am a good blogger but if someone looks at it and i have shared something then it is better then not have done anything at all.

I have also done a few reviews and giveaways. I hope to do more but it is just getting the chance.

So tell me how did you start blogging and if you have any pointers to help me out?

I am taking part in this Monday Mojo writing meme from   http://eclecticsix.com/forum/index.php


  1. You know, you just keep on trucking. You join blogger groups and you learn. Everyone has to start somewhere and it's fun to hear the "why's" for everyone. I wish you lots of luck!

  2. Thank you Rhea. I have joined many sites and hope to learn so much more.

  3. Reading other blogs helps. I honestly think I just kind of fell into it.

  4. I agree. You see what other people write about and it gives you ideas. Always learning of what even to put up on your blog or how to set it up.

  5. I started blogging because of a forum too! I think a lot of people see a blog for the first time and think 'hey, I can do that'. And it's true! Blogging is easy and fun to get started....especially with all the info and resources out there now.

  6. I am not sure if i find it easy it is something i try to do. But you are right that there is information out there to try to help you. It is fun.