Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fixing up the house

Well after we had lifted the carpets we have been wanting to have the house painted and new window coverings and new kitchen floor for some time. Before Christmas we ended up doing this finally.

           Here is the before the new paint job and you can see wee took down tha half wall paper.

This Debbie Travis Leather Bench with Storage is also new from Canadian Tire

We purchased the sofa covers from Sears

                                              Here is the new colour Debbie Travis Warm Toast

                      Than we had our kitchen floor done because it was in bad shape

                                                                    Old floor

Here is the new floor we purchased from
It is Laminate and so nice to see a new floor down.

New blinds for living room and dining room. They are Faux Wood Blinds in white

living room
                                                       dining room

                             The Debbie Travis Leather Ottoman/Coffee Table is newer also from
                                                                   Canadian Tire

                                                            and the Shag Rug is from

Having a house is always work and it can be expensive.
But things need to be done.
I don't know what will be next on the list but i can think of so many things.


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