Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Clean up after your dog

Yesterday my dog Doogle was barking out the window and for some reason i looked out to see what he was barking at. Which i assumed was another dog.
I was right.
A lady who just lives down the street is walking her dog and i see the dog walking on our property thinking how far it was walking i think it is going to do his job. Oh the dog did and the lady kept walking.
So i go outside and look where the dog went and see it and i yell down the street at her and i say
"Clean up your dogs pooh"
She says "i do not have a bag"
I say "go get one and clean it up"
She drove over with a bag and cleaned it up.
I step out the door and say thank you
She says sorry so many times but i know that her husband had let the dog do it once before and i said something to him also.

I think if you are going to take your dog for a walk at least bring a bag with you to clean up the mess they might make. I am not a big fan of letting my dog go on someones property i would rather him do it on our property or at the park. But i do clean up after him.
Some people are just so rude.
So make sure you have bags on you when going for a walk.
Maybe i was nasty but it is my property.

What are your thoughts?


  1. I would get angry if someone let their dog crap in my yard too. I would be inclined to take my dog for a walk to crap in theirs.

    I'm a bitch like that.

    I think if you want the responsibility of owning a dog, clean up after it. Dog crap is not compost!

  2. I do not care if the dog has to go and it does his job on my property.
    I just wish people would clean it up.