Sunday, January 22, 2017

Bottom of Buttermilk Falls

My Husband and I had talked about
walking to the bottom of Buttermilk Falls.
So we finally did and it was a good hike.
   We went last weekend.
It was a cooler day but you build up the heat while hiking.
We started off our hike going towards Albion Falls and stopped at the end before going around to the falls and than went back towards Buttermilk Falls to get a good hike in and enjoy the scenery.
This was our first time walking towards Buttermilk at the bottom so we were unsure of the trail.
We walked part creek bed as it was dry.
But coming back we stayed on the trail. 
While we were getting close to the falls we saw a good size rock come falling down and fast.
Also a good amount of ice had fallen from the waterfall. 
Just be safe when hiking and have fun.

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