Monday, December 2, 2019

Canada's Wonderland Winterfest 2019

David and I went to Canada 's Wonderland Winterfest on Sunday November 24th 2019.
We got there around 3p.m. and walked around and thought we would get a quick bite to eat so we went to North Pole Treats and had the Bison Burger with Chips.
The burger was fine but the chips could have used more flavour. 
Then we walked around a bit and thought we would go get theWinterFest Souvenir Mug with Hot Chocolate which was included in our ticket. 
The lineups were very long for the mugs but we lucked out and found a shorter lineup.
If you are buying tickets with the Souvenir Mug you might want to realize you could be waiting for  awhile to get it.
They had outdoor heaters throughout the park to go warm up.
During Winterfest there is limited rides available which was fine, as we were going for the Winterfest display.
They had shows and many decorations and lights through the park which was beautiful.
The stores were all set up in Christmas themes and winter and Christmas merchadise to purchase. 
I wanted to see the Tree Lighting Ceremony which was at 5:30p.m. nightly for song and dance and the  lighting of the two 50 ft. trees.
This was the first year of the Winterfest and I thought they did a great job. 
It was very busy in some areas so be prepared and dress in layers as the weather is getting colder.
We had a nice night.

 Part of the Tree Lighting Ceremony

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Captain Cootes – Bull’s Point – Pinetum Loop

My Husband and I went to Cootes Paradise Trails. It was busy today.
We parked on York Road

 Nothing wrong with being a big kid playing in the leaves.